How DogWatch® Protects Your Home

DogWatch offers more than simply outside lightning protection. We send it out!

At DogWatch, we pledge to provide the safest and most effective pet protection available. It should come as no surprise that our business installed External Lightning Protection first among concealed pet fence companies. Our exterior lightning protection has transformed the way your house and pets are protected, taking a progressive step in ensuring their safety.

How External Lightning Protection Is Applied

At DogWatch, we understand how important it is to shield your loved ones, pets, and house against lightning-related harm. We developed our External Lightning Protection function for this reason. How then does it operate? Lightning is drawn to your subterranean copper concealed fence wire when it strikes close to the earth. Lightning will follow this cable inside your home if it comes into touch with it. This is the situation in which our External Lightning Protection is useful. Installing this feature protects your pets and the electricity supply by redirecting lightning strike energy back into the soil instead of into your home. It’s probable that your home’s electrical system will sustain significant damage if you don’t have this protection.
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The Need for External Lightning Protection

Considering the vast amount of concealed fence wire that is buried all around your house, it is clear why installing our external lightning protection system is not only advised but also required. This is the reason why:

The whole installation of your DogWatch concealed fence wire is done outside of your house. This concealed line allows any electrical surge coming from the outside to enter your house. By acting as a reverse switch, our external lightning protection system reroutes electricity away from your house and back (into) the soil. Your home’s internal electrical system cannot sufficiently shield you from high intensity lightning surges if you do not have this exterior protection.

There’s a chance that other concealed pet fence providers won’t provide the same degree of outside lighting security. Rest assured, though, as we provide an Atlanta hidden fence trade-in programme if you purchased your invisible dog fence from somewhere else.

What External Lightning Protection Appear Likes

The foundation for the safety of your house and system is our Surge Protector, which is positioned outside of it. The most effective and secure product on the market is the DogWatch External Lightning Protection system, which is both UL-rated and commercially certified.

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The Surge Protector connects all of the components of your system in an orderly fashion, acting as a “junction box.” To properly act as a buffer against electrical surges, this connection has to be built on the exterior of your home and link the boundary wire, fence-system wiring, and two grounding rods. 

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Our Grounding Rods, which are eight feet of steel, are used to ground the concealed fence system in your house. Your concealed fence system is built on these rods, which also shield your house from lightning damage. External Lightning Protection is not possible in the absence of grounding rods.

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Frequently Asked Regarding Lightning Protection from the Outside

Let’s examine the installation of your concealed fence system and how it guards against potentially hazardous phenomena like lightning. Upon striking, lightning initially makes contact with structures or trees that are elevated above the ground. Because of this, there is very little possibility that lightning will strike the grounding rods that are completely buried a foot or two away from your home.

For years, residences similar to yours have been safeguarded by traditional grounding rods. Even the electrical system in your modern home has one or more exterior grounding rods installed. These grounding rods have been shown to be more resilient than other systems, including internal surge arrestors, at preventing damage to your house. For this reason, at DogWatch, we safeguard your concealed fence from the outside, just like experts would. You may feel secure knowing that your house is protected by our grounding rods.