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Locally Owned

DogWatch® Product Owner’s Guides

This illustrates the common/standard method for designing and laying out concealed fences. To provide your pet the most garden area possible, the wire is placed along the whole perimeter of the property. Furthermore, you may “exclude” whatever regions you like by installing any combination of optional Garden, Pool, or Flower Bed loops inside the disguised fence limit.

Hidden Fence Pet Training Guides

Full General Pet Training Guide for all Hidden Fence systems

Single Page General Pet Training Guide for all Hidden Fence systems

BigLeash® S-15 Remote Trainer

OUTDOOR Hidden Fence Owner Guides

ProFence™ / Performance Series®

Full Owner’s Guide, includes the Training Guidelines

Two-page sheet, includes photo and the features of the ProFence™ Transmitter

For models with multi-tool “test light magnet”

For models with tube-shaped “test light magnet”

Standard Fence

For receiver with status light

GroundsKeeper Landscape Boundary

Older DogWatch® Transmitter Models

For transmitters without Loop Monitor Display, booklet includes operating instructions for the PT3 Transmitter and R7 and R8 Receivers

For receiver without status light