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Invisible Fence ComparisonWith DogWatch® Hidden Fences, you get:

  • Local
DogWatch® is locally owned and operated. Invisible Fence® is ran by a corporation located in Knoxville, TN.
  • Battery life
DogWatch® battery life is 2 years and costs $20 compared to Invisible Fence® battery plan for 1 year which is $79.  That is a savings of $138 for one dog! – Compare the savings
  • Affordable
DogWatch® offers a system to fit most budgets.
  • Experience
DogWatch® brings over 70 years of combined experience. That’s right, not even Invisible Fence® has the experience DogWatch® does.
  • User-Friendly
DogWatch® systems are user-programmable, meaning you can adjust your hidden fence settings yourself. Any adjustments to an Invisible Fence system require and in-person service call from a company representative, which results in expensive service call fees and extra wait time.
  • Similar Technology
DogWatch® offers the same type of wired fences from traditional technology to polarity systems.
  • Patented FM Signal
All electronic dog fences use radio frequencies to transmit the signal from the transmitter or wire to the receiver worn by the dog. Only DogWatch® uses digital FM SafeLink® technology. The FM signal is less prone to interference and stray signals than the AM systems used by all other brands, including Invisible Fence®.
  • Service & Support
DogWatch® provides prompt and efficient service by a dealer with employees bringing over 70 years of combined service in the pet containment industry in Cleveland.