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DogWatch® Hidden Dog Fence
Frequently Asked Questions

An underground pet containment system, commonly known as a hidden fence, employs radio signals to ensure your dog remains within a specified area, like your yard, or keeps them away from certain places such as a pool, patio, or garden. These systems can also be utilized indoors to establish boundaries, preventing pets from accessing sofas, certain rooms, or kitchen counters.

It’s important to note that while the term “invisible fences” is frequently used to describe these systems, it is actually a Registered Trademark and brand name specific to the Invisible Fence Company. Hidden fences represent a broader category of similar pet containment solutions.

Hidden fences function by embedding a ‘boundary wire’ a few inches below the surface of your property. This wire transmits a safe, low-level radio signal from a transmitter located in your home or garage. Equipped with a lightweight, waterproof collar, your pet is able to detect this radio signal. When your pet nears the boundary wire, the collar emits a warning sound or vibration. Should your pet continue closer to the boundary, the collar will deliver a gentle but effective stimulation, commonly referred to as a “correction.” Through a structured training program, pets learn to recognize and respect these fence boundaries, stopping at the warning signal.

While there may be variations in specific product features, this fundamental principle underpins the operation of all hidden fence systems, including brands like DogWatch®, Invisible Fence®, and other radio fence brands.

For indoor applications, the hidden wire is installed around furniture, under counter edges, around trash bins, or across doorways to either create safe zones or designate areas as off-limits. Additionally, we offer “wireless” indoor units that eliminate the need for a physical boundary wire. Feel free to contact us to explore the best options for your needs.

As your designated Dealer, we begin the training process and furnish you with guidance and support to ensure you can effectively continue and reinforce the training with your pet. After the initial training phase, you’ll engage in a brief training session with your dog each day, spanning approximately two weeks. Based on this, we’ll formulate a customized training plan tailored to the unique needs of your pet(s).

The training process involves teaching your pet to recognize the limits of the containment area. This is achieved through a blend of voice commands, audible alerts emitted by the receiver collar, and visual flags placed in the yard at points where your pet hears the warning signal. Through training, your dog will learn to associate these flags with the warning sound. As your pet becomes more accustomed to these boundaries, the flags are gradually removed. Your pet will also understand that proceeding beyond the flags and warning signal will result in a mild correction through collar stimulation. After the completion of the training, most dogs will instinctively avoid crossing the hidden boundary, typically stopping at the warning signal to prevent the correction.

No, the “stimulation” delivered by the collar is designed to be noticeable but not harmful to your pet. It can be likened to the strong static shock one might experience after walking across a carpet in socks. While it is certainly uncomfortable, it is not injurious.

It’s important to note that issues such as ‘pressure sores’ are not caused by the electronic stimulation itself, but rather from a collar that is overly tight or not removed frequently enough. Regularly removing the collar when it’s not in use is a key practice in preventing skin irritation for your dog.

DogWatch® products are endorsed and used by numerous veterinarians. The type of stimulation these collars provide has been safely and effectively employed for over four decades. Modern electronic collars are designed with adjustability in mind, allowing you to set the stimulation level to suit your dog’s specific sensitivity, size, and personality.

The DogWatch® Hidden Fence brand is sometimes mistakenly identified with the Invisible Fence® brand, and both are often generically referred to as “invisible fences”. However, it’s important to note that DogWatch® is not connected with the Invisible Fence® company. DogWatch® stands out in the pet containment industry due to its unique safety and convenience features. Here are some key distinctions:

1. Unique Radio Frequency: DogWatch® is the only brand that employs an FM radio frequency for its hidden dog fence system. Other systems, including Invisible Fence®, typically use an AM radio frequency, which is more prone to interference and accidental corrections when the pet isn’t near the boundary. It’s noteworthy that all hidden fences use digital modulation, which applies to both FM and AM signals.

2. Extended Battery Life: DogWatch® boasts the only hidden fence receiver collar with a two-year battery life, significantly outlasting other brands like Invisible Fence®. This extended battery life not only ensures consistent safety for your pet but also reduces costs and environmental impact.

3. Self-Service Convenience: With DogWatch®, there’s no need for a service call from a Dealer to replace receiver batteries or alter settings. This self-service aspect results in additional savings for you.

4. Informative Status Light: All DogWatch® receiver collars come with an easily visible status light. This light indicates the collar’s operational status, the training level in use, and alerts you when the battery is low. It also informs you if your pet has been challenging the boundary.

5. Gentle Introduction Mode: The receiver collars can be set to audible (or vibration) mode, offering a gentle introduction to the system during training.

6. Adaptable Training Levels: Suitable for pets ranging from the very timid to the highly energetic, DogWatch® receiver collars offer adjustable training levels to meet your pet’s specific needs, without requiring a service call for adjustments.

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems, Inc. DogWatch® distinguishes itself with these features, setting a standard in pet safety and owner convenience within the pet containment industry.

DogWatch receiver collars are equipped with several unique safety features to ensure the highest level of protection and efficiency in pet containment. Here’s an overview of these features:

1. FastReact® Technology: This innovative feature is designed to ensure that your pet responds to the hidden fence while still within the designated containment area. It’s a rapid reaction system that enhances safety by preventing your pet from crossing the boundary.

2. AutoMemory® Feature: Available in our R7, R9, and SmartCollar receivers, AutoMemory® automatically adjusts the training level if your dog challenges the boundary. This adaptive feature ensures that the correction level is always appropriate for your pet’s behavior.

3. Pet Friendly™ Audible-Only Setting: This setting allows you to train your dog with an audible “beep” tone before introducing the correction setting. It’s also available as a vibration alert. Most dogs learn to respond to this warning alert and don’t feel the need to test the boundary.

4. Wire-Break Alert: The DogWatch transmitter is equipped with a wire-break alert system. This means you’ll be immediately notified if there is any compromise in the boundary wire, ensuring continuous safety for your pet.

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty: When installed by us, your DogWatch Hidden Fence System comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime equipment warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance in the quality of our product.

6. Commitment from Authorized DogWatch Dealers: All authorized DogWatch Dealers are committed to providing superior technology and products to ensure your pet’s safety and containment.

As a local, independent business, we take pride in our service. Owning the business means we have a personal stake in ensuring your satisfaction with our products and services. This local touch adds an extra layer of commitment to providing the best possible experience for you and your pet.

DogWatch hidden fences typically represent a more cost-effective option compared to traditional fencing. Beyond being less expensive, these hidden fences offer greater flexibility and more reliable containment for your pet. For instance, you can easily keep your dog within your yard while simultaneously barring access to specific areas like a pool, garden, or driveway gate. Additionally, unlike physical fences, your dog won’t be able to jump over, chew through, or dig under a hidden fence.

The overall cost of a DogWatch hidden fence varies depending on several factors, such as the chosen system, the number of pets to be contained, the size of your property, and specific requirements like crossing sidewalks and driveways, or adding internal “garden loops.” For a precise estimate tailored to your property and needs, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote to help you make an informed decision.

DogWatch provides versatile hidden fence models designed to accommodate extensive properties, covering areas up to 200 acres. Our outdoor systems are exceptionally adaptable and can be installed across a wide range of terrains. This includes unique installations such as spanning streams or creating containment zones in lakes. With DogWatch, the possibilities extend far beyond just your yard; you have the flexibility to contain your dog within or outside of virtually any area.

In addition to outdoor solutions, DogWatch also offers options for indoor use. These systems can help you manage your pet’s access to various interior spaces and items within your home, such as couches, dining rooms, and countertops.

For a comprehensive understanding of how our hidden fence systems can cater to your specific needs, we invite you to Contact Us for a free consultation and estimate. Our team is ready to provide you with a tailored solution that ensures the safety and freedom of your pet within your property.

Absolutely! Our hidden pet fencing systems are designed with versatility in mind, allowing for an unlimited number of dogs (or cats) to be protected simultaneously. Each pet simply needs to wear its own compatible receiver collar, and they can all be safely contained within the boundaries of the hidden fence. This feature makes our system ideal for households with multiple pets, ensuring each one enjoys the safety and freedom provided by our hidden fencing solution.

Yes, indeed! Our Outdoor Hidden Fences and Indoor Boundaries are not only effective for dogs but also work exceptionally well for cats. Moreover, the versatility of the DogWatch® system extends beyond traditional pets. We have successfully trained a variety of animals, including pigs, goats, and others, to respond to and respect the boundaries set by our system. This adaptability highlights the effectiveness and flexibility of the DogWatch® system in catering to a diverse range of animal containment needs.

If the initial training with your DogWatch® system was conducted correctly, it’s quite uncommon for your dog to escape the containment area. However, if such a situation does occur, here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Check the Collar Fit: Ensure that the collar is secured properly on your dog. An improperly fitted collar might not function as intended.

2. Battery and Receiver Status: Examine the status light on the collar to verify that the receiver battery is functioning correctly. A dead or weak battery could prevent the system from working effectively.

3. Adjust Signal Range: Consider increasing the signal range on the transmitter. This adjustment will create a wider buffer zone, keeping your dog further from the boundary wire.

4. Increase Correction Level: If needed, you can also increase the correction level on the receiver collar. This might be necessary if your dog has become less responsive to the initial settings.

5. Inspect for Wire Breaks: Check for any potential breaks in the underground wire, especially if there has been recent landscaping or other ground disturbances.

Remember, we are here to assist you. The DogWatch® System offers several adjustment options to cater to your specific needs. If you require any help or guidance, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’re committed to ensuring your DogWatch® System works effectively for you and your pet.

Hidden fence systems are primarily engineered to ensure your dog stays safely within your property boundaries and out of harm’s way. However, it’s important to note that these systems do not have the capability to prevent other dogs or animals from entering your property. The effectiveness of the system in containing an animal is contingent upon that animal wearing a compatible receiver collar.

Therefore, while your own pet will be securely contained within the area designated by the hidden fence, the system does not act as a barrier against other animals that might enter your property unless they too are equipped with a receiver collar that responds to your specific hidden fence system.

Our systems are designed to be universally effective across all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. This versatility ensures that whether you have a small, energetic puppy or a large, mature dog, our hidden fence solutions can be tailored to meet their specific containment needs.

However, it’s crucial to note that these products are not suitable for dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior. The primary purpose of our hidden fence systems is to provide a safe, secure boundary for pets who are generally well-behaved and responsive to training. If a dog has a history of aggressive tendencies, alternative methods of containment and behavior management should be considered, as our system may not be appropriate or effective in such cases.

Absolutely, each dog is unique in its own way. This individuality extends to their maturity levels, even within the same breed, where some dogs may mature faster than others. When we have the opportunity to meet with you and your pet, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your dog. Based on this assessment, we will provide a personalized recommendation regarding the most appropriate time to commence training.

Understanding the specific characteristics and temperament of your dog is essential in determining the right starting point for training with the hidden fence system. Our goal is to ensure that the training process is both effective and comfortable for your pet, tailored to their individual development and needs.

Indeed, all DogWatch® hidden fence systems come standard with comprehensive surge protection. This includes both an internal lightning surge protector integrated within the transmitter and an external surge protector. This dual-layer of protection ensures that your DogWatch® Hidden Fence is safeguarded against potential electrical surges, which can be caused by lightning or other power fluctuations.

This feature reflects our commitment to providing durable and reliable pet containment solutions. By incorporating both internal and external surge protectors, we aim to ensure the longevity and consistent functionality of your DogWatch® Hidden Fence system, keeping your pet safe and your investment secure.

We provide a robust lifetime equipment warranty on our outdoor systems that are professionally installed by an authorized Dealer. This warranty underscores our confidence in the quality and durability of our products, ensuring that your investment is protected over the long term.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, we also offer a limited 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is in place to ensure your complete satisfaction with our system. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the DogWatch® Hidden Fence within the first 30 days of installation, you have the option to return it for a refund. This policy reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the effectiveness of our pet containment solutions.

Absolutely, your DogWatch® system is designed to be portable. If you’re moving to a new house, you can certainly take the system with you. While you might need new wire installation at your new residence, your local DogWatch Dealer can effectively utilize your existing equipment to establish a new hidden fence at your new home.

This flexibility is a significant advantage of the DogWatch® system, allowing for continuity of your pet’s containment and training, regardless of changes in your living situation. Simply reach out to your local DogWatch Dealer when you relocate, and they will assist in setting up the system at your new location, ensuring your pet’s safety and your peace of mind continue uninterrupted.

If you encounter frequent power outages, your Dealer has the solution: the DogWatch® PowerPak. This supplementary power source ensures uninterrupted operation of your electronic fence for extended periods, bridging the gap until your household electrical service is back up and running.

DogWatch® has been dedicated to granting pets the gift of freedom since 1990. As a privately-owned company with a deep commitment to both people and pets, we take immense pride in the excellence of our products and the quality of our customer service. Our team of engineers is tirelessly engaged in ongoing research and development efforts to enhance the safety of our products for your beloved pets and to ensure they are effortless for you to integrate into your home.

All our products are meticulously designed, fully assembled, and rigorously tested at our headquarters in Massachusetts. Our unwavering goal is to set the highest standards in the pet containment industry, continuously striving to deliver the finest pet containment solutions available.