SideWalker® SW-5 Leash Trainer: 5 Settings & Vibration


Improve leash manners with the SideWalker® SW-5 Leash Trainer. Features 5 adjustable settings and a vibration option for tailored training.



SideWalker® SW-5 Leash Trainer – The Ultimate Leash Training Solution

Enhance Your Dog’s Leash Behavior

Introducing the SideWalker® SW-5 Leash Trainer, designed to improve your dog’s leash manners effectively. Customize your training approach with multiple settings and options.

What’s Included:

  • 5 Adjustable Settings: Tailor the collar to your dog’s specific needs, from low to high settings.
  • Vibration Option: An added feature to further assist in training your dog.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The package includes the following items:
    • SideWalker
    • Collar Strap (one size, cut to fit most dogs)
    • Battery Charger
    • Test Light/Contact Post Tool
    • Medium & Short Contact Posts

Why Choose the SideWalker® SW-5?

  • Behavioral Improvement: Specifically designed to improve leash manners.
  • Customizable: Choose from 5 settings and a vibration option for a tailored approach.