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How DogWatch® Keeps Your Pet Safe

DogWatch® Hidden Fences are 100% effective and safe for your pet. All throughout the world, DogWatch® Hidden Fence pet confinement systems are owned and recommended by veterinarians, pet experts, and pet trainers.

Your dog (or cat) has to wear a specific “radio collar” that can detect the signal being broadcast through the buried wire in order for the concealed fence to function.

Unlock the Benefits of the SmartFence System for Your Pet's Safety

The collar will sound a warning “beep” to notify your pet not to cross the boundary wire when they get too close.

Your pet will receive a gentle punishment from the receiver-collar if they venture beyond the correction region beyond the audible signal. Most dogs rapidly pick up on the location of the “fence” through an uncomplicated training programme that uses flags as a visual marker. They halt when they hear the auditory warning sound.

Will My Dog Get Hurt by the "Correction"?

When your pet approaches the concealed fence too closely, the radio collar will “correct” them. This is similar to a minor “static shock,” similar to what you would experience if you were to walk over a carpet in your socks and then touch a wall light switch. It doesn’t “hurt” you; it’s enough to attract your attention, and you don’t really want to receive another one.

This is sufficient to prevent cats and dogs from entering the correction area. It is simple to modify the correction’s intensity to suit your pet’s size and temperament. You may find out more about our indoor concealed pet system if you’re interested in designating “off limit” places within your house.