Understanding the DogWatch Installation Process

Embark on a seamless DogWatch installation journey, starting with an in-home consultation to determine the optimal containment setting for your pet. Our unique process involves burying a wire to define the confinement area and installing an FM radio transmitter, ensuring unmatched safety with both internal and external lightning protection. This guide not only outlines the installation steps but also showcases the versatility of our outdoor hidden fences through various customizable layout examples, ensuring a tailored fit for your property and peace of mind for your pet’s safety.

Basic Perimeter Loop

This illustrates the common/standard method for designing and laying out concealed fences. To provide your pet the most garden area possible, the wire is placed along the whole perimeter of the property. Furthermore, you may “exclude” whatever regions you like by installing any combination of optional Garden, Pool, or Flower Bed loops inside the disguised fence limit.

basic perimieter animated V4
hourglass V1

Hour Glass (Pinch)

By installing the fence wire up against the house on both sides of your property this configuration “pinches” your yard, creating two separate hidden fence zones; Front-Yard vs. Back-Yard. The advantage of this allows you to effectively manage your pet, controlling when he/she is “allowed” in the front yard (or back yard)…

Backyard Only

Limiting your pet’s access to just your backyard is another possible configuration. In order to complete the loop and keep your pet from escaping out the front door or garage, the concealed fence wire is positioned near to the front side of the home. In a similar vein, this arrangement may be reversed to restrict access to the Front-Yard only.


Banana Loop

With this installation option, you may border one, two, or three sides of your property with a concealed fence. This arrangement works best when there is existing traditional (above ground) fence in place to serve as a “partial” yard border. This design has the benefit of protecting the front yard while making the most of the space inside the closely fenced-in backyard.

If any of these sample configurations don’t reflect what you have in mind for your pet(s), or fit well with your specific yard, please contact us directly to discuss your unique needs. We’re available to pay you a visit to consult with you on the best installation and product(s) for you and your pet. Curious about how much hidden dog fences cost?